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Set up a Variety of Models of Headphones [May 10,2017]
Set up a Variety of Models of Headphones
Moving headphones are common, common headphones. Headset supplier's regular headphone drive unit is basically a small moving coil speaker, by the permanent magnetic field in the voice coil drive connected with the diaphragm vibration. Moving coil headset efficiency is relatively high, mostly for the audio on the headphone output drive, and reliable and durable.
The head of a magnetic headset is similar to a reduced flat speaker, which embeds a flat voice coil into a thin diaphragm, like a printed circuit board, which allows the drive force to be evenly distributed. The magnets concentrate on one or both sides of the diaphragm (push-pull), and the diaphragm vibrates in the magnetic field it forms. Such as magnetic headphones diaphragm without electrostatic earphone diaphragm as light, but there is the same large vibration area and similar sound quality, it is better than moving coil headset high efficiency, easy to drive.
Electrostatic headphones are light and thin diaphragm, polarized by high DC voltage, the energy required for polarization by the AC conversion, but also battery-powered. The diaphragm is suspended in an electrostatic field formed by two fixed metal plates (stator). When the audio signal is loaded on the stator, the electrostatic field changes and vibrates the diaphragm. The single stator can also drive the diaphragm, but the double stator's push-pull form is less distorted. The electrostatic headset must use a special amplifier to convert the audio signal into a voltage signal of several hundred volts, and the transformer can be connected to the output of the power amplifier. Headset suppliers in the cost of more heavy static headphones expensive, not easy to drive, can reach the sound pressure level and no moving coil headset, but it's fast response, to reproduce a variety of small details, very low distortion The
The electret headphones are also called stationary electrostatic headphones, and their diaphragm itself is polarized or polarized by the electrostatic field emitted by the diaphragm polarized substance, without the need for specialized equipment to provide a polarized voltage. The electret headphones feature most of the features of an electrostatic headset, but the electret is gradually depolarized and needs to be replaced with a life of about 5 to 10 years.