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All kinds of mobile phones universal headphones [May 10,2017]
All kinds of mobile phones universal headphones
Use headset to produce the cause and cause of earache
the reason 
This symptom is normal!
People wearing headphones, the outer ear of the mouth was tightly plugged by the headset, almost in a closed state. High volume of audio sound pressure directly into the ear, concentrated delivery to the thin eardrum, there is no room for buffer, the auditory nerve was stimulated to be very excited, very likely to cause hearing fatigue, so there was a long time wearing a headset Ear pain symptoms!
Wearing headphones will cause hearing impairment, the current medical research is controversial, because each person wearing the length of time and volume size are inconsistent, can not make effective observation and judgment. But it is worth noting that: if you wear a long time to listen to music and no attention to ear maintenance, it will affect the hearing. It is compared with the loudspeaker, headphones vibration film closer to the eardrum, although more pleasure, the ears hurt more direct. Although the design of the headset is almost always used "open" headphones to reduce the hearing damage, but long-term use of headphones will still cause harm, may cause poor blood circulation, tinnitus, inner ear hair cell necrosis or even nerve damage , Especially some people will open the volume of music, would like to take this to offset the external noise, which is even worse.
Regular headphones with the ear will be damaged, in general, the use of headset need to pay attention to the following principles:
1. Do not wear headphones for a long time
2. headset headphones do not open too much, if one meter outside the person can not listen to you to clear the headset to reduce the volume.
3. Choose to wear comfortable headphones.
4. Headset to choose good quality, small noise, the volume can be controlled.
5. not long time with a headset to listen to things, every half an hour to let the ears take a break, the maximum daily no more than three hours, the less the better.
6. Do not sleep when listening to sleep due to the impact of posture, pillow pressure on the ear, so that the physical damage to the eardrum.
7. It is best to use an earmuff headset because the headset earns less damage to the ear than the embedded headset.
In addition, the earbud headphones than the ear headphones closer to the eardrum, the stimulation of the eardrum is more direct, the impact of the ear may be greater.