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High-end fashion phone headset [May 10,2017]
High-end fashion phone headset
Headset manufacturers: headset speaker structure
Headphones manufacturers are similar to the speaker structure, by the permanent magnet (also useful excitation coil for permanent magnet, of course, MP3 will not use such a speaker), voice coil, diaphragm, (collectively sound film combination) The Permanent magnet is the supply of magnetic field, when the voice coil in the current through the period, the voice coil will be in the magnetic field by the effect, so the voice coil in the magnetic field movement, and the voice coil with a diaphragm, so The diaphragm also moves with the movement.When these movements reach a certain frequency has become a wonderful voice.
Headset manufacturers produced headphones speaker structure similar, but it is not the same. Mainly in the planning of the size and volume and volume are very different. In addition, the internal structure is also more based on the light type of planning. It is also more difficult to have a higher technical request. Headset manufacturers headphones produced by the speaker is also called the drive, and the principle of the same as the electric speaker sound, but also customary known as moving speakers. Its planning request is necessary to meet the needs of small caliber, light demand. Or can not be installed to the ear shell.
Both the need for light, and can not harm the function, so the production of headphones manufacturers commonly used NdFeB for the magnet material, with a high magnetic density, up to 74 times the ferrite, a general headset NdFeB magnets, Easy to adsorb from the weight of several times the object.
Most of the headphones are not crossover planning, it is a full-band speaker, the demand for a very wide frequency response, this is not an easy job. To complete the full diaphragm full-band sound, diaphragm needs to be very thin and very light and must be the intensity of the diaphragm with almost all failed. Moving coil selection of the diaphragm is very thin PVC material [specific formula manufacturers confidential, the thickness of the thinnest to reach a few microns, in order to enhance the diaphragm strength, the diaphragm is generally limited to strengthen the pattern, which can improve the high-frequency response , And the cutting oscillation must be a certain deterrent effect.
In the construction of the conical speaker, the folding ring and the centering piece as the suspension system, while the dome speaker is selected diaphragm limit method to complete the suspension, headphones with electric speakers also have suspension system, but with the vibration The film is now integrated, which is very similar to the dome speaker, basically, the headset can be used as a loudspeaker speaker speaker derivative shape.
Voice coil is also the key, because the diaphragm is necessary to very frivolous, voice coil weight will also affect the operating conditions of the diaphragm, copper voice coil heavier weight, and thus more choice CCAW voice coil, the so-called CCAW, aluminum Copper wire, which effectively reduces the voice coil's own weight. This voice coil is also used in speaker speakers, only the use of relatively small scale.