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In-ear headphones with various colors [May 10,2017]
In-ear headphones with various colors
Design principle of bone conduction headphones for headphone manufacturers
The easiest way to understand a headset is to read the manual. Know the headphone manufacturer's bone conduction headphones are the same. Usually the impedance of 50 ohms and the sensitivity of more than 98 dB headphones do not need to amp. What is our bone conduction headphones is what?
Stethoscopic effects and bone conduction For new users of in-ear headphones, the two problems are their most criticized: "stethoscope effect" also known as wire noise and "bone conduction phenomenon." The stethoscope effect refers to the in-ear headphones that users can hear from those that are transmitted from the wire into the headphones (caused by wire-breaking clothing or something else). "
Bone conduction phenomenon refers to the sound through the user's internal access to the user's ear canal and then let the user hear the noise (by eating, walking and other sports behavior). These two phenomena are the side effects caused by the closure of the ear canal, this closed and quiet listening environment is to strengthen the noise.
Bone conduction is a kind of sound conduction method, that is, after the sound into a different frequency of mechanical oscillation, after the human skull, bone loss, inner ear lymph fluid transmission, spiral, auditory nerve, auditory center to transmit sound waves. Compared to some of the headset manufacturers through the diaphragm sound waves of the classic sound conduction method, bone conduction eliminates the need for a lot of sound transmission steps, in a noisy environment to complete a clear sound recovery, and sound waves will not because in the air Scattered and affect others.
Headphone manufacturer bone conduction skills are divided into bone conduction speaker skills and bone conduction microphone skills. Bone conduction loudspeaker skills are used to receive words, then listen to the sound. The air conduction speaker is the sound wave (oscillation signal) is transmitted to the auditory nerve, and the acoustic signal (the oscillation signal) is directly transmitted through the bone to the auditory nerve. The transmission medium of the acoustic wave (oscillation signal) is different The
Bone conduction microphone skills for sending, sending that collection of sound. Air conduction is sound waves through the air to the microphone, and bone conduction is directly transmitted through the bones. Use these bone conduction skills to produce headphones, called bone conduction headphones.