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High-end phone headset with circuit board [May 10,2017]
High-end phone headset with circuit board
Headset manufacturers for your analysis of headphones do not ring why?
Headset manufacturers in the test headset quality, always check the various parts assembly is complete, and then carry out a variety of performance tests, as well as functional experience evaluation. Therefore, the fault for the headset has a more clear analysis and understanding of the following headset manufacturers of technical staff for our summary of the following several points:
1, side of the speaker is broken. This is the most common problem. Headphones are electronic products, there are many small cable. General good headphones will go through the drop test, but many ordinary headphones, headset manufacturers do not drop test, after a long period of time, forced to fall on the table, fell on the floor, are likely to cause the speaker line cut off, Also appeared side of the problem.
2, the connector is bad. This is also a common problem. At present, although the domestic use of the connector are unified national standard, but each factory to do out of the product, there will be some positive and negative tolerances, there is a male and female does not match the phenomenon. There will be like a rotation about the sound, no longer move the sound of the phenomenon.
3, the connection line was broken. General headset cable, are ordinary PVC wire, inside the core is very fine, if after a strong pull, there will be broken core, resulting in silent headphones.
4, headset manufacturers work quality. General headset production plant in order to control costs and reduce costs, it will reduce the production process, such as connector plug part, generally need to inject the internal mold, and then open the outer mold, so the cable is difficult to disconnect. But many headset manufacturers in order to save costs, it will be a one-time molding. Swing test less than 3000 times, it will break the problem, resulting in a side of the sound side of the sound.
Under normal circumstances, the emergence of such problems can not repair the individual, choose a good headset or mobile phone headset, but also look at the strength of the headset manufacturers. Headset manufacturers specializing in the production of a variety of mobile phone headset music headphones, in the selection of materials on the level of checks, so that the best price fair price, with the production process, strict checks on each product to do real, affordable customers, worthy of consumption By.