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High quality mobile phone headset [May 08,2017]
High quality mobile phone headset
Headset manufacturer and speaker manufacturer
      In front of a large format on the introduction of the speaker, headset manufacturer headset speaker and there is no special principle of the Department. The same applies to headphone speakers. Only the application of special headphones, headphones will lead to the design of the speaker by the volume, weight, etc. constraints, the design space is small. Headset manufacturers in the headset design, there is a class of flat, static speaker applications, but the number of very small, not as a basic knowledge of science, interested can read the technical information.
Call it a moving iron speaker. Headphones designed to use more, headset manufacturers in the production of products commonly used in a speaker. And has a certain production advantages, mainly small size, ear headset design has a greater use of advantages. Speaker speakers also have a similar type, called electromagnetic speakers. The moving iron speaker can be regarded as a simplified variant of the electromagnetic speaker.
Also need to be more in the spare parts. About the loudspeaker is one of them. Headset manufacturers in the production of speakers need to clear the role of various parts and the relationship between each other. Moving iron speaker power, the headset manufacturers in addition to the shape of my hard work outside Drive U-shaped iron, conduction to the shell sound, the sound principle and dynamic speakers are very different. The biggest advantage of this type of speaker is the high sensitivity, so early in the design for hearing aids, for ear headset design, that is, in recent years. Moving iron speakers also have a greater shortcomings, said the frequency response is not enough, the sound of the metal taste is too strong, but with the technological progress, these shortcomings have been improved better.
Headset manufacturers some high-end models and custom headphones, in order to overcome some of the lack of moving iron speakers. The use of multi-speaker plus divider to achieve a more perfect frequency response, for example: headset manufacturers have two woofer, a tweeter, respectively, located in two separate cavity. The internal design of the earplug divider, high frequency, low frequency through the two catheter output, and in the ear canal to complete the reverberation. This is somewhat similar to a multi-frequency speaker.