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Mp3 headset, mobile phone headset, computer headset wholesale [May 08,2017]
Mp3 headset, mobile phone headset, computer headset wholesale
How do headset suppliers judge headphones good and bad?
1, sound quality
Headphones supplier to measure the headset can be used to assess some of the speaker method, but the headphones are not the same sense of hearing, speakers sound waves in the air attenuation, attack dry, and people's head and ears interact, headphones The sound is directly into the ear. Headset supplier to determine the sound of the headset is better than its skill performance, because the head and ear shape is not the same, a pair of headphones on the different people will have a different sense of hearing, so referrals only as See, there must be time to listen.
Headphones have great advantages on the speaker in the details of the practice to listen to a good headphones should be clear voice, rich details, no audible distortion; low frequency deep potential and clear, get useful control; all the band to smooth flat, high Frequency is too bright or too dark. On any pair of headphones, triples are not necessarily perfect, and the natural connection between them is the main. If it is a wireless / cordless headset, the background noise should be as small as possible.
2, comfortable
Headset suppliers in the wear on the headset is also appropriate to use the main, the use of headphones together, as there are other activities have to consider entering, a headset can not be too tight nor too loose, should be long wear. Headband and unit can be adjusted to ensure that the same shape and not the same use of the head, professional audio personnel sometimes need a single unit monitoring, the unit can be rotated on the demand, the other line length and unit approach is also the impact The use of an element. In the adjustment of the length of the headband to pay attention to: the headband is short, the enemy's top pressure, ear pressure on the opponent is small, head long and reverse, three points of pressure to get the balance is comfortable, on the adaptive headband This question does not exist.
3, with the use of sex
The use of sex in the portable audio and professional areas is very important, portable audio headset is relatively small, simple to be damaged; headset supplier to tell you the use of professional headphones and mobile frequently, the line is also simply cut off and pulled off, The headset is very well assembled and the parts are easy to repair and replace. Another is related to the use of power is to accept the power, a small power can push the headset is very loud, beyond the power when there is damage to the headset may be, usually the acceptance of commercial headphones less than 100mW, professional headphones in the 100mW- 1000mW. High-impedance headset voice coil resistance is strong, unlike the low-impedance earphone voice coil on the power change as sensitive, more use.